Which is the best way to get the Campsite from Girona airport?

If you fly to Girona airport, we suggest you the two quickest ways to arrive at the Campsite:

1.- The quickest and comfortable way is by taxi, as it takes you to the Campsite main gate in approximately 45 minutes.

2.- The second option, much cheaper, is by public transport. At the Girona airport there is a shuttle service to go to the bus station in Girona city. To check timetables and prices visit www.girona-airport.net (option 'Transport from/to Girona').

At the bus station in Girona go to the tickets office/information. The company is called 'Sarfa' and the destination is Palafrugell.
To check timetables and prices visit www.sarfa.es (Sarfa / Interurban). Depending on the season there are severals local buses to Calella de Palafrugell. Check at the bus station in Palafrugell for the timetables. If not you can always take a taxi.

We will arrive in the morning/late at night, is there anybody at Reception?

During the high and the middle season the Reception is open until 22h. If your stay is in low season we recommend you to check our opening times by calling us.

1.- I have a booking: if you have a booking of a bungalow you can drive inside the Campsite until 24h. The night porter will welcome you and give you the information to go to your accommodation.
If you arrive later than midnight you should leave your vehicle outside the Campsite and walk to your allocation (the night porter will help you to carry the luggage by the buggy, if need it).
If you booked an emplacement bear in mind that you cannot set up your tent later than 23h. Caravans or motor homes are not allowed to drive in later than 24h.

2.- I do not have a booking: if you did not make any booking the latest time to arrive is 22,00h. If a bungalow is needed we recommend you to book it in advance.

MPORTANT: From 8h in the morning until 24h you can drive inside the Campsite. This timetable is strict and rigorous to guarantee the maximum silent for our guests.

Which is the distance from the Campsite to the beach?

The Campsite has two gates: the main one (where Reception is located) is closer the road from Palafrugell to Calella/Llafranc. The other gate is called 'Calella exit/door/gate' because of its situation in the town, Calella de Palafrugell. From this point to the beach there are 300 meters..

Do you have a transport service?

In each Campsite gate there is a bus stop where you can take a bus to Palafrugell, Calella or Llafranc.

Is the bed linen included on the price of the bungalow?

The bed linen is included on the price of the bungalow for any stay longer than one night. If your stay in longer than a week, at the check-in, we will give you a document that will let you to change the linen and towels.

Are the pets allowed?

No. Animals are not allowed at the Campsite.